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Bose® Authorized Dealer



The time is now. 

There’s no better time to invest in a home entertainment system from Bose. As your Bose BUILT-INvisible
specialist, we’ll design a system that’s just right for you and your living space. It can be fully installed without
hassle – and without compromising your décor.
Imagine a state-of-the-art entertainment system in your main room – a Lifestyle® system that delivers
vivid surround sound for movies, music, sports and video games. With the sound customized for your room’s
unique acoustics, thanks to the unique ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system from Bose. Now imagine being
able to enjoy rich, lifelike music from your Lifestyle® system in additional rooms – and outdoors. An installed
Bose system can give you all this and more. Elegantly. With performance that’s exciting to listen to. Simple
enough for the whole family to enjoy. And with the courteous, expert service you’d expect from us as an
authorized Bose dealer.













Bose® surround sound has never been simpler.

A Bose Lifestyle® system can be the heart of your home
entertainment, bringing movies, music, sports and video
games to life in your main room – simply and easily. Inside
each Lifestyle® system, the Bose exclusive Unify® intelligent
integration system makes home theater dramatically easier.
The onscreen messages are simple to follow and there’s one
single intuitive, universal remote. It’s also easy to integrate all                                                                                                   your your high-definition home theater equipment. And if you choose                                                                                         a BUILT-INvisible® Lifestyle® system, all the elements are woven                                                                                             seamlessly into the architecture of your home.

Bring the music to other rooms... or outside.

Enjoy music from your Lifestyle® system in up to 14 areas of
your home – upstairs, downstairs and out on the patio or deck.                                                                                             For the indoors, choose the premium Virtually Invisible® 791
in-ceiling speakers or 191 in-wall speakers. For the outdoors,                                                                                           there’s the 251,® 151® SE and Free Space® 51 environmental
speakers. All of them give you Bose performance. And you
conveniently control the sound in each room or outdoor
setting with an expansion remote.

Receive our highest level of service.

As your Bose authorized representative, we will deliver your
system, install it, connect your audio/video equipment,
customize the sound to your room’s unique acoustics, test
the system and show you how to use it. All aspects of your                                                                                                       installation and Bose system will be backed by the Bose Quality                                                                                             Guarantee. To learn more about Bose systems and the services                                                                                               we offer as a fully authorized Bose BUILT-INvisible dealer, please                                                                                             contact us: info@wallmountsolution.com

The distinctive design of the Lifestyle® media center is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation.
iPod® not included. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. C_011167