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RG6 Coaxial Cables

BUY COAX CABLE FT6 CMP Plenum Rated by the FOOT! In-wall / In-ceiling in Plenum Spaces for Commercial & Residential Applications

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  1. CMP / PLENUM Rated Coaxial RG6 Cable by-the-foot - Application for in-wall / in-ceiling installation in Commercial or Residential 18AWG 60% AL Braid + Foil - White

    RG6 Coax Cable PLENUM Rated Sold By-the-Foot - Rated for Plenum spaces in Commercial Buildings 18AWG 60% AL Braid + Foil - White

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    Buy PLENUM / CMP Rated Coaxial RG6 Cable By-the-Foot! Plenum rated cable can be used for in-wall & in-ceiling applications in Commercial Buildings and it is REQUIRED BY THE LAW to Pass the building-code in most regions for in-ceiling installations in Plenum Spaces (where there's forced air).

    Purchase by the foot: Each Quantity is equal to 1ft.

    Example: Quantity of 50 = 50ft cable

    (Connectors sold separately)

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