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Networking / Network Wiring Services for Small Offices & Homes

Terminated Pre-Wired Cat5e cables into Patch Panel then connected to a Network switch then into a router.
Closer look at the Cat5e patch panel & network switch.
Terminated Pre-Wired Cat5e cables with RJ45 connectors, then connected to 16 port Gigabit Switch.
All excess wires tucked inside panel box. Router & network switch wall mounted and cables neatly managed.
Finished look of centralized network setup.
Pre-wired 5 x Cat5e cables terminated with Cat5e keystone jacks & coax cable terminated F connector keystone then wall plated.
Cat5e & Coax cables for the entire office wired to one central location behind the utility closet doors.
24 port Cat5e patch panel & "F" connector jacks installed on wall mounted rack.
Two 16 port network switches wall mounted below the patch panel then all Cat5e patch cords connected & wires neatly managed. Used color-coded wires for easier identification.
Cat5e jacks are installed inside this closet in a Condominium Gym, then installed network switch along with Access Point to boost Wifi signal in this dead Wifi area.
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Networking / Network Wiring Services for

Small Offices & Homes

What we can do for you
  • Pre-wiring during renovation or in construction phase (before drywalls go up)
  • Run new Cat5e / Cat6 wiring in existing construction (limitations may apply depending on type of construction)
  • We can Trace, Verify & Label existing network wires
  • Install Cat5e / Cat6 patch panel in a central location where all network wires are located
  • Install patch panel into a rack-mount
  • Crimp loose wire ends with RJ45 connectors or punch down into RJ45 jacks
  • Test individual network wire after terminating the ends to ensure they "Pass" with our tester
  • We can supply Cat5e / Cat6 network wires that are Fire-Rated for in-wall / in-ceiling installations such as CMR / CMP


(Charged by hourly rate)

*Any work involved with networking / wiring; running new wires, terminating connections, installing patch panel / installing RJ45 jacks, etc... is charged by the hourly rate. Please contact us and explain what kind of work needs to be done and we'll let you know whether or not on-site assessment is necessary. On-site assessment fee is $100 & you get $50 credit towards the installation (as long as the labour portion of the bill meets or exceeds $250 before tax) when you are ready to proceed with it. It usually takes about 1 hour or so for the assessment to be completed.

Some examples of what we do when we are On-Site for Assessment

  • Thoroughly go over all the details of the installation with the client
  • Check for ideal "central" location for all network wiring (if necessary)
  • Check for paths / Take measurements for wiring purposes
  • Suggest where to place your network equipment (if applicable)
  • Suggest where to install outlets such as power, Coax, RJ45 jack (Cat5e / Cat6), etc... (if necessary)
  • Provide you with written quotation (Accuracy of 90% ~ 100%)
General Pricing

As every job is unique, labour is charged by the hourly rate; $150 for the first hour and then $80/hr thereafter (Based on one person).

*On-site assessment may be necessary for accurate quotation.



Houses & Town homes - Best time to run wires is usually during renovation or during construction before drywalls go up in order to save money on the labour cost. 

Condos & Apartments - There are limitations on where you can run the wires from & to due to the concrete structure of the building.

Commercial buildings - Offices with drop ceilings allow running new wires easily compared to residential. 


Service Coverage Area & Hours of Operation

 Service Most of Toronto GTA Area

What is Our Service Coverage Area?

We service most of GTA - Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Stouffville, Uxbridge, New Market, Agincourt, Bramalea, East York, Pickering, Ajax, King City, Bolton, Nobleton, Aurora. We service both residential & business.

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