Projector & Screen Installation Services

Projector & Screen Installation Prices

This service is usually done by 2 steps - 1st: On-site Asessment & Provide Quote | 2nd: Book for installation

On-Site Assessment


Most jobs require on-site assessment

  • Visit the job-site & thoroughly go over all the details of the job with the client.
  • VIsually inspect the general area of where the AV system will be installed.
  • We take measurements of the area and take notes & photos of the job site.
  • Provide you with recommendations on placement of speakers & components you're going to need for your setup based on the layout & your target budget.
  • After the on-site assessment, we will provide you with written quote with accuracy of 95% ~ 100% on the entire job.
  • We can order all the necessary parts for you from A to Z.
  • 100% of the on-site assessment fee will be credited towards labour portion of the bill if it meets or exceeds $1,000 before tax or 50% credit if it's less than $1,000 but above $300 before tax.

Projector & Screen Installation


Rates by Service Level

  • Same rate as the Home Theater Installation system
  • Rates based on 1 man service - $150 for the first hour & $80/hr thereafter.
  • Rates based on 2 men service - $200 for the first hour & $130/hr thereafter.

Service Level Examples

  • 1 man service - Installing Projector only / without Screen installation
  • 2 men service - Installing Projector & Screen
  • 2 men service - Installing Projector, Screen & Home Theater Sound System
  • We can advise you the service level you need based on the assessment

Projector Installation in Home or Office

We will calculate the throw distance based on the size of your projector screen & the recommended projection distance of your projector. After mounting the projector, we will then calibrate the video by adjusting vertical & horizontal keystone and using lens shift (if applicable) to make necessary corrections to fit the image onto the screen near perfect, if not perfect. *Please Note that Not all projectors have keystone adjustment & lens shift. Usually low-end projectors do not have any of those options avaiable. We highly recommend you to check that before purchasing a projector.

Home Theater Projector Installation

Projector Installation in Home

If getting a large flat screen TV is not just big enough for you for the money, getting a projector will do the job filling up most of your wall.

Projector Installation in Office

Projector Installation in Office / Commercial Building

Most commercial buildings have drop ceilings. If necessary, we can build support above the drop ceiling and install the projector in your office.

Projector Screen Installation

Tensioned Fixed Screen

Tensioned Fixed Screen

Tensioned fixed projector screen tensioned by all 4 sides to keep the screen flat without any waves or curling effect. It's best to find one that is is surrounded by black velvet fabric material to absorb any image that spills over outside of the screen area.


Tensioned Motorized Screen

Tensioned Motorized Screen

Tensioned motorized projector screen is also tensioned by all 4 sides like the tensioned fixed screen. And when the projector is not in use, it can rolled backup by either using the remote or it could be triggered by projector.

Motorized Screen

Motorized Screen

Regular motorized projector screen is tensioned by top & bottom only. So it's possible to have a wave on the screen or or curling by the side edges of the screen. Regular motorized screen could also be rolled up using the remote or triggered by projector.


Manual Pull-Down Screen

Manual Pull-Down Screen

Manual pull-down projector screen is only tensioned by top & bottom. It's possible for waves on the screen & curling effect by the side edges of the screen. You would have to get up out of the couch to pull the screen down or to roll it up manually.

Wire Concealment Options for Projector Installation

Tensioned Fixed Screen

In-Ceiling & In-Wall

Requires Power Outlet by the Projector

This option requires a power outlet by the projector location as power cords are not considered as low-voltage cable so it cannot be buried in the ceiling or the wall. Low-voltage cables such as HDMI can be fished through the ceiling & through the wall.

Wire Raceway to Hide cables for projector

Wire Raceway (Wire Cover)

Budget Friendly

You can hide both power cord & HDMI cable enclosed in wire raceway against the surface of the ceiling and the wall. Raceway runs from the projector location all the way to the components area for Video & power connection.

Toronto GTA Service Coverage Area Map

GTA Service Coverage Area Map

What is our Service Coverage Area?

We service most of Toronto (GTA) area - Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Stouffville, Uxbridge, New Market, Agincourt, Bramalea, East York, Pickering, Ajax, King City, Bolton, Nobleton, Aurora.

Occasionally we do make exceptions to travel outside of our service coverage area to a reasonable distance. If you're interested in our services but located outside of our service area, please let us know the job details and we can discuss pricing & availability.

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