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  • 4x1 Video Wall Digital Signage installation using 43" Commercial Display Monitors installed in portrait orientation to use as Digital Menu Boards in food court inside of a mall.

  • 4x1 Video Wall Digital Signage installation with 43" commercial displays in Landscape orientation to be used as digital menu boards at food court in a mall.

  • 3x1 Pattern Digital Signage 46" Commercial Display Monitors Installed to be used as Menu Boards in a food court restaurant.

  • 4x1 Video Wall Digital Signage installation with 46" commercial display monitors for juice bar inside of a mall.

  • 5x1 Video Wall Digital Signage Menu Boards installed for food court restaurant.

  • Digital Signage media players installed behind the video wall for easy access for future services.

  • 3x1 Video Wall Digital Signage Menu boards installed during construction phase.

  • 3x1 Digital menu boards installation in food court restaurant.

  • 43" TV installed with Digital Signage media player hidden behind the TV inside of Pharmacy.

  • Commercial display monitors with touchscreen overlay installed in custom built wall.

  • Touchscreen display monitors installed in a hallway of University.

General Pricing Information

On-Site Assessment

(If necessary)


Some jobs require on-site assessment

  • Visit the job-site & thoroughly go over all the details of the job with the client.
  • VIsually inspect the general area of where the Digital Signage will be installed.
  • We take measurements of the area and take notes & photos of the job site.
  • Provide recommendations on placement of electrical outlets and Ethenet cabling.
  • Provide you a written quote with accuracy of 95% ~ 100% on the entire job.
  • We can order all the necessary parts for you from A to Z.
  • 100% of the on-site assessment fee will be credited towards labour portion of the bill if it meets or exceeds $2,000 before tax or 50% credit if it's less than $2,000 but above $300 before tax.

Digital Signage Installation


$200 & up

Rates vary by each unique situation

  • Rates based on 1 man service - usually $200 & up per screen with basic wiring.
  • Rates based on 2 men service - usually $250 & up per screen with basic wiring.

Email us with following information

  • Sample photos of previous installations if you're a digital media company
  • Blueprint or Mock-up Drawing of the job site & digital signage installation area
  • Photos of the Job Site in current state & developing stages if under construction
  • Job description - Complete details including wiring requirements
  • Make & model number of each monitor & media player

Video Wall Installation

Video Wall Installation

Video Wall Installation

We can install Video Wall digital signage screens for commercial application. Video wall can be used for combining multiple screens to make one large screen which is ideal where the environment is too bright for projector to be effective. Or you can have individual content displayed on each screen for data display which is ideal for offices and stock traders.

Video Wall Mounts

Video Wall Mounts

We can provide you with video wall mounts that's specifically designed for installing digital signage monitors. These mounts can "pop-out" so you can make micro adjustments with leveling & vertical height after the screen is already installed. It also makes it easier to service the screen in the future in case if one has to be removed & reinstalled or adding / changing cables in the future.

Digital Signage Menu Boards Installation

Digital Signage Menu Boards Installation

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are becoming basic standards in today's digital world. Almost every food court restaurants in malls now have digital signage menu boards installed to serve customers better & effectively displaying promotions with videos instead of old traditional static menu that you have to manually change.

Digital Signage Media Player Installation

Digital Signage Media Players

Some digital signage display monitors have media player function built-in. However, there are ones that aren't equipped with that feature. We can run cables through walls & ceiling from the display location to the media player location, connect all the wires, test connections & neatly tidy up the wires.

Digital Signage Menu Boards Installation

Landscape Orientation

Digital Signage Media Player Installation

Portrait Orientation

Working During Construction Phase

Occasionally, some installations have to be done in certain order and may require multiple visits by us. We can work with your contractors to coordinate schedules for us to come in at certain times during construction phase and perform necessary work during each specific time such as pre-wiring or providing mounting specification for custom walls.

Construction Phase

Construction Phase

If you plan to add custom finish to the wall such as tile, marble, glass or anything other than standard drywall, we can pre-install the mounts before the wall is finished to avoid any issues with mounting later. We can discuss with your contractors & inform them what we need for support and the surface area we need for the displays.

Construction Phase Pre-wiring

Construction Phase Pre-Wiring

We can pre-wire cables such as HDMI, VGA & Cat5e during construction phase in locations where it's hard to access after the construction is finished or where your big appliance will be installed. This way, you can save some money on labour cost if you were to wire them after construction is already finished.

Post Construction Phase

Post Construction Phase

After the construction is finished, we secure the displays on the mounts, check the level on all monitors & make micro adjustments if necessary then connect all the wires & neatly tie-up any excess cables behind the displays to prevent from hanging down.

Projector Installation in Office

Final Stage

Final step is to turn on all the displays and contact the back-end technicians to make sure the network is accessible by the digital media company for them to push the contents onto the screens and make sure everything is being displayed properly.

More Digital Signage Applications

There are many applications for digital signage in commercial settings such as retail store, food court, malls, schools & etc... Here are some other application examples.

In-Store Advertising Display

In-Store Advertising Display

You can attract customers to certain area of your store by running eye-catching photo slide-show or promotional videos for in-store advertising.

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display

Interactive touch screen displays are great to be used as directory and/or information center in malls, schools or any public places.

Building Announcements

Building Announcements

Condos, lofts & Apartments can display building announcements such as upcoming maintenance information or parcel delivery information in common area.



Pharmacies can display new medicine information such as benefits & side-effects. And video testimonials from actual users.

GTA Service Coverage Area Map

GTA Service Coverage Area Map

What is our Service Coverage Area?

We service most of Toronto (GTA) area - Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Stouffville, Uxbridge, New Market, Agincourt, Bramalea, East York, Pickering, Ajax, King City, Bolton, Nobleton, Aurora.

For commercial installations, we do occasionally make exceptions to travel outside of our service coverage area to a reasonable distance. If you're interested in our services but located outside of our service area, please let us know the job details and we can discuss pricing & availability.

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