TV wall mount Installation in Older Home / Building

TV installation on plaster walls in older home / building

In older houses & older buildings, there are plaster walls which make installation very tricky. There are also differences between interior & exterior walls. Due to this old structure type, there are some limitations when it comes to mounting heavy objects or hiding cables in the wall.



What's included

  • Securely Wall Mount any flat / curved screen TV (up to 55" & up to 50lbs Max) against standard drywall using TV wall mount bracket supplied by the customer.
  • Connect AV Cables to the back of the TV (if necessary)
  • Hiding Wires is NOT included. No Wire Management / Concealment.
  • Upon request, we can bundle cables straight down from the TV using cable ties
  • Phone or Email support for any questions regarding the service we've provided.
  • 1 Year Warranty against any workmanship & parts we provide.
  • Invoice emailed to you on the spot at the job site (for credit card payments). For payments made by company cheque, Invoice will be emailed within 24~48 hours.


  • Tilting or Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket for most TVs +$55
  • Tilting or Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket for most TVs smaller than 32" +$40
  • Articulating / Full-motion TV wall Mount Bracket for most TVs +$75 ~ $120
  • Installation of Articulating (Swiveling) TV wall mount bracket +$20 ~ $50
  • Extra charges apply to TVs larger than 55" (or heavier than 50lbs) +$20 ~ $100
  • TV installation on any wall other than standard Drywall is subject to extra charge




What's included

  • Everything in Basic Service + Following Services
  • Wire Management / Concealment. Either In-Wall vertically down within the same stud bay (in between 2 studs) or On-Wall with Wire Raceway (cable track).
  • Connect up to 4 Components to your TV. Such as Cable box, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Android box & etc... (Excludes Home Theater Systems or any Audio Equipment)
  • For On-Wall Wire Management, Wire raceway is included (up to 3ft~4ft)
  • For In-Wall Wire Concealment, cable pass-through wall plates are included
  • Please note: Power Cord(s) CANNOT be hidden in the wall. See options below
  • Test each component to ensure all are functioning as expected


  • We provide & Install Bridge-Style Power Kit +$120 ~ $160 (if necessary)
  • Additional Wire raceway +$15/each strip
  • Wire Concealment / Management over fireplace will be extra
  • Sound Bar Installation - $50 & up
  • Home Theater System Installation / Configuration - Contact us for more info
  • Component Wall Shelf & Installation can be added for extra charge

Limitations in Older homes you should know

Interior Plaster Wall

(Usually Plaster, Lathe & Wooden Studs)

  • There's cavity in the interior wall to conceal / fish wires through the wall
  • Can conceal / manage wires on-wall with Wire Raceway (Cable Cover)
  • Can mount TV on Tilting or Fixed / Slim bracket
  • Can mount TV against interior wall with Articulating bracket.
  • Can install new cable jack or power outlet. *Conditional

What's an Interior Wall?

Example of Interior Wall

An Interior Wall is a wall that's separating room to room inside of the house.


Exterior Plaster Wall

(Usually Plaster, Lathe, Thin Strapping & 'Soft Bricks')

  • There's NO cavity in the exterior wall to fish wires through the wall (Most cases)
  • Can conceal / manage wires on-wall with Wire Raceway (Cable Cover)
  • Can mount TV on Tilting or Fixed / Slim bracket (Weight limitations apply)
  • Articulating bracket should not be used against exterior plaster wall.
  • Likely cannot install new cable jack or power outlet without damaging the wall

What's an Exterior Wall?

Example of Exterior Wall

An Exterior Wall is a wall that's separating inside & outside of the house.

Hiding Cables | Wire Concealment Options

Method A (In-Wall Vertical Wire Concealment)

Method A (In-Wall Vertical Wire Concealment)

Requires Power Outlet Behind the TV

Low-Voltage AV cables can be fished through the wall. However, in order to hide the Power Cord for your wall mounted TV, it needs to be plugged into an outlet behind the TV. Therefore, this method requires an electrical outlet or Bridge-Style Power Kit behind the TV as power cord(s) are not allowed to be fished / buried in the wall. *This option is Applicable only for walls with cavity such as drywall. NOT suitable for concrete, brick walls and most exterior plaster walls.

Method B (Wire Management with Wire Raceway)

Method B (Wire Management with Wire Raceway)

Budget Friendly

Both Low-Voltage AV cables & Power Cord(s) can be enclosed in the wire raceway to neatly hide cables and the wire raceway can stick flat against (non-textured) wall with pre-attached strong adhesive. This avoids the extra cost for a new power outlet, hence a budget friendly option to neatly manage the wires if you don't already have a dedicated power outlet for the TV installed up high on the wall. FYI: Wire raceways that we use are paintable. 

Hiding Power Cord for your Wall Mounted TV

The ONLY way you can hide the power cord out of sight is to plug it into a power outlet behind the TV.

FYI: Power cord is NOT considered as low-voltage cable and therefore, it cannot be buried / concealed in the wall.

Bridge-Style Power Kit

Option 1: Install a Bridge-Style Power Kit

Starting from


We supply & install Bridge-Style Power Kit. This is a recommended option for most cases. We have several types available. We can advise the best option for your setup. This option is also more cost-effective compared to installing a new electrical outlet.


  • If you plan to use a component stand / furniture below the TV where the it can hide the inlet & other cables coming out of the wall below the TV.
  • If you don't have an existing electrical outlet dedicated for the TV (behind where the TV will be mounted)
  • If you want to use a high-quality Surge Protector / Power Conditioner / UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for your TV along with your components.
Bridge-Style Power Kit Example


Install a New Electrical Outlet

Option 2: Install a New Electrical Outlet

Market Price from


Get a new electrical outlet installed by a licensed electrician behind where the TV will be mounted. The cost could vary significantly depending on where the nearest usable power source is located.


  • If you have a Smart TV and ONLY intend to use Smart TV Apps & Wifi Internet with NO components connected to your TV.
  • If you plan to keep your components out of sight elsewhere, so there's only TV hanging on the wall with nothing else around it.
  • If you want to install a component wall shelf below or above your TV & have nothing sitting on the floor below the TV.


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