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TV Wall Mount Installation Service

TV wall mount installation is the most popular service we provide in Toronto and most of Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. We serve both residential and commercial installations. You can use the quotation form by clicking the Quotation Request link in the top navigation bar. 

Home networking services

Local network sharing - Media & files between network devices

Technology is developing faster than ever! And most people nowadays own more than one computer, electronics and any other devices that can be connected to the internet in their household. But, many people are not taking full advantage of capabilities of their computers, electronics or any other devices that can be networked together and usually are not even aware of it. We understand how confusing networking can be to someone who are too busy with their lifestyle to keep up with new technology. 

We can provide you with home network configuration services to ensure that you are getting the most out of your electronics. 

Key benefits include being able to share videos, songs, photos & files on multiple devices on the same home network coming from 1 or more sources that can act as a media server such as your computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage). Your computers, modern electronics such as Smart TVs, Blu-Ray players with network capability, PS3, XBOX, network media players, etc... can be all networked with each other.

Cat5e / Cat6 cable termination & testing

Many of the modern homes nowadays are pre-wired with network cables by the builder that can be used in so many different ways. However, builders usually do NOT crimp / terminate the wire ends for the home owners.

Do you have Cat5e or Cat6 network wires running throughout your home without connector ends and can't figure out which wire is which?

We can help you crimp / terminate the ends with connectors / RJ45 jacks and test the connection with proper tools to identify which belongs to which and label them for future reference. 

Installing new Cat5e/Cat6 Jacks

Hard-wiring versus wifi

Wifi technology has been around for awhile and improved quite a bit over the years. However, wireless signal can still be unstable at times when you are streaming high-bandwidth videos and/or due to signal interference from bunch of different factors; equipment that produces radio waves in 2.4 or 5 GHz, existing wireless LANs, cordless telephones, Microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, etc...

In short, pioneers of leading network device manufacturing companies going from old 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz signal band to avoid signal intereference was quickly caught up by all the rest of the companies and same will be true even on the 5 GHz signal band over time. 

If you hard-wire your computer instead of using wifi, you will never have issues with dropping signal due to interference mentioned above. This will increase your productivity level with faster / stable connection via hard-wiring. It's perfect for people whose business / job involves working mainly on their computers at home.

Can this be done in my house? townhome? condo or apartment?

Generally, in most modern houses or townhomes, you can have the cat5e / cat6 (or any low voltage) cables fished through the wall / ceiling. But keep in mind that It will not be pretty during cable fishing because drywall & ceilings will have to be cut in order to fish the wires through. But it is definitely possible and the end results will be definitely worth it.

If you live in a condo or apartments, unfortunately, you cannot fish any wires across the room due to concrete structure.... However, some newer condos have Cat5e / Cat6 network wires already in the wall but may not be connected to anything hence the connections are probably not terminated for internet usage. It's because Cat5e / Cat6 wires are commonly used for many different purposes such as phone lines, alarms, home automation systems, control devices, etc... Those wires that are not being used can definitely be utilized for your home networking usage. We can certainly help you identify which cables are being unused with proper knowledge and tools to connect those wires to a RJ45 jack (or we can provide you with RJ45 jack if there isn't one) that's nearest to your computer or other network devices. 

Installing new cable jack

Is your cable jack too far away from the TV and you don't want to see the cable running along the baseboard? In most modern houses & townhomes, there's a solution for that. You can get a new cable jack installed pretty much anywhere in your home as long as there's no obstructions where the cable needs to run through inside the wall or ceiling. Ideally, you want to split the signal from the nearest source so that there's less drywall cutting. For example, the best case scenario, by that we mean, the least amount of drywall / ceiling cutting, is utilizing your unfinished basement in your home to route the cables to the other side of your living room or family room to install a new cable jack by your TV. 

We can provide you with all necessary parts such as CMR / CMP RG6 coax cables, connectors, splitters, wall plates, etc...

Pre-wiring cables (99.999999% chance you will regret if you don't)

If you are building a new home, finishing a basement or renovating your existing home, you should definitely consider all the cables that you may need in the future. Pre-wiring cables is one of the most important things you can do before the drywall and the ceiling goes up.

DO NOT cheap out on this! Let's just say a potential $500 job now if it's done during renovation or new build (before drywalls go up) for pre-wiring but you decided not to go for it for whatever reason. And somewhere down the road, if you ever need to run some wires, it can cost you easily $1,000 or $2,000 or even more depending on the structure of the home & distance of the run.

We suggest that you get at least  one or two Cat5e / Cat6 cables running to each room / area even if you have no plans to have any network device(s) there for now. If you pay attention to the trend of most new electronics now, you would notice that many of them have network capability and some can be controlled either locally or even remotely via web or mobile app. Cat5e / Cat6 cables can be so versatile; it can be used for many other things than just your computer / laptop. They can be used for home automation controls, whole-home audio systems, security camera / DVR system, can be wired as a phone jack istead of Ethernet jack, etc.. And you should have coax cable running to each room where you might need to setup your TV / cable box / Internet modem (if cable based) All these network wires such as Cat5e / Cat6 & Coax cables should end up in one central area where you can place your modem / router /  network switch and Coax splitter. 

Location of electrical outlets is also important. If you are planning to mount a TV in a particular room, have electrical outlets installed where the TV will be mounted up high on the wall where it would be covered by the TV once it's mounted.

Quick check list of wires to run 
  • Cat5e or Cat6 cables - HIGHLY Recommended! These wires can be used in so many different ways.
  • RG6 cable - To where cable box will be placed, To where Internet modem will be placed (if it's Cable based internet) 
  • HDMI cables from where the TV will be mounted to where the components will end up (if TV will be installed)
  • 16/2 minimum or heavier gauge speaker wires (depending on the distance of the cable run) for surround sound system (if you plan on installing home theatre system) or whole-home audio system
  • Subwoofer cable (if applicable)
Mounting TV over fireplace?

If there will be a fireplace underneath where you want to install your TV, you should have an electrical outlet above the fireplace where it would end up in the upper portion of the TV so that it doesn't get in the way of the wall mount bracket. 

You should install the coax cable where the cable or satellite box will be placed. But if you are not ever planning on using a cable box or satellite box then the coax connection should be located behind the TV. But for the sake of pre-wiring and future-proofing, it's a wise decision to put coax connections at more than one place. One behind the TV & other by where the cable or satellite box may potentially be placed.

Resale value

Many realtors say that a lot of home buyers are turned away from old homes where there's not that many cable connections, phone connections, etc... It seems like it's such a small deal when you are considering to buy home in their favorite neighbourhood. But truth is home buyers are more likely to choose another house within similar price range that features more cable jacks & connections. 

Having more pre-wired cables or cable connections, network wiring, surround sound speaker wiring, etc... will increase the value of your home and make it an easier sell in the future!

We can help you with pre-wiring all cables and also help you determine where each cable should end up point-to-point.

Cable conversion

Did you know that you can extend the HDMI signal over ethernet or coaxial cable? Yes, it is true. These adapters can cost anywhere from $30 to $350 depending on the how far of distance that you want to extend the signal. Maximum extension distance ranges from 98ft over Cat5 or Cat6 cable to 390ft over one single coaxial cable. Some people ask if it degrades the signal quality when you are using these adapters. The answer is NO. These adapters are actually designed to carry stronger signal via cat5, cat6 or coaxial cable.

HDMI is a great technology providing full 1080p video resolution (up to 4K resolution for HDMI version 1.4 cables) with digital audio but the down fall is that the signal can be lost at long distances.

HDMI.org does not specify exactly how far an HDMI cable can carry the signal before you can start to notice the loss or degration of video & audio signal. Based on our extensive research, for non-active 25ft 22AWG HDMI cable seems to be the cut off line of maximum distance with high speed rating. There are HDMI cables as long as 100ft but at standard speeds (carrying less bandwidth than high speed HDMI cables). 

Benefit of using an HDMI adapter over ethernet or coax cable 

(besides the longer distance you can run without losing the signal)

Coax cable jacks are very common and cat5/cat6 jacks are also becoming a standard in modern buildings, homes, condos & etc... You can utilize the existing ethernet or coax jacks, thereby avoiding or at least minimizing cutting into walls or ceilings in order to run the cables. The cost for one of the high-end HDMI extenders over one coax cable can be as high as $350 CAD but the amount of money that you can save can be significantly high compared to spending money on labour for fishing wires, drywall cutting then patching and then painting.

We carry both of these HDMI adapters and we can help you save lots of money on such potentially labour-intensive job.