Warranty For Products

Warranty Information On Products

General Information: All products sold by Wall Mount Solution carry 1 year repair or replace warranty unless otherwise specified. If any problems should arise during the warranty period, contact Wall Mount Solution and request for warranty claim. The warranty covers repair and/or replace parts or products that fail under normal use. If any work or modifications on the covered product / service is performed by anyone other than a staff from Wall Mount Solution, the warranty will become void. Extra charges such as overtime and shipping are not covered. In the event no fault is found with the product and / or service we’ve provided, the customer is responsible for the cost of the service call or warranty claim. The owner must maintain the product in accordance with the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s specifications. Failure to follow recommended manufacturer’s maintenance schedules may void this warranty. Warranty is only valid under normal use and if any indication is found that the product was in misuse; will automatically avoid warranty.

Exclusions: The warranty does not cover failure due to, but not limited to, improper installation by the customer and / or product modifications, negligence, theft, vandalism, impact, fire, lightning, power failures and/or power surges, rust, corrosion, spilled liquids, exposure to weather, moisture and other environmental conditions or acts of Nature. The warranty does not cover routine maintenance, adjustment of controls or consumer education. Material costs for gaining access to or removal of a unit that requires special equipment or tools are not covered. Labour, material, expenses or equipment required to comply with law and/or regulations imposed or set forth by any governmental agency, are not covered in the warranty.

Delays: We will try our best to handle the warranty process as fast as possible. However, the warranty does not guarantee days or time of service. Wall Mount Solution shall not be liable for any damages or inconvenience, whatsoever, arising out of delays, either before or after a day or time of service is agreed upon. Wall Mount Solution is not responsible for delays caused by non-availability of replacement parts.

Limit of Liability
: The aggregate of all coverage and benefits paid or payable under the warranty shall not exceed the current value of the product, less installation costs. If the aggregate limit is met or if the product is replaced in its entirety or a warranty buy out credit is issued, the maximum liability has been met under the warranty and the customer may be required to surrender the product to Wall Mount Solution. If any modification(s) are performed by any individual or company other than Wall Mount Solution, warranty becomes void.

Buy Out: In the event the product cannot be repaired due to unavailability of repair parts or it is determined that the cost of a repair will exceed the current cash value of the product at the time of the failure, as determined by Wall Mount Solution, at its sole discretion, may buy out the warranty up to the current cash value of the product at the time of failure in the form of cheque or store credit. Shipping and overtime charges are extra.

Consequential Damages: Any representations of the warranty, other than the terms herein are not binding on Wall Mount Solution or their agents, nor shall they be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. The warranty provides specific legal rights and other rights that might vary by location. The Plan does not provide bodily injury liability, property damages liability, or any other type of liability coverage.